You can hire me to play at your bar, club, event or party.

Your event should be about you. I will take my time in advance to consult with you about your preferences, no-gos and technical requirements. 

My expertise covers a wide range of musical genres (Rock, Pop, Blues Funk, Soul, Indie, Electronic, Top 40, ...). You can find a glimpse of my know how in the mixes and podcasts sections.  If you are not sure if I got you covered, don't hesitate to reach out! 

I'm located in Berlin area.

why I play music

I've always been fascinated by the social power of music. It connects people across age, race, borders and beliefs.  

That is why I like to play music for a crowd. To provide that feeling, that invisible connection for the moment or the night. It doesn't matter if it is in a tiny smokey bar, in a club or at a huge wedding party. I like the challenge to play for a diverse crowd with different tastes and expectations.  I like to open new doors for you and I love to be inspired by you. And when at the end you heard that particular song that you completely forgot about or you discovered that new tune that will carry you through the next weeks, I did my job well. 

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